Welcome to Berries


1) Unable to log in to our BerriesLand or BerriesCampus page.

Ensure that you have the correct password for the level that you're accessing. Our passwords are case sensitive. If you continue to encounter difficulties logging in, please contact the school to request for one.

2) How do I enlarge the video for viewing?

You can view a full screen of the video by clicking on the "full screen" icon at the bottom right corner of the menu bar. The menu bar is just below the video playing area.

3) Can I download the video for offline viewing?

Due to copyrights, you are not allowed to download the video for offline viewing. You can watch the video streaming online only if you are authorized to do so.

4) I was directed to a different level's video clip when I tried to log in.

You would need to log out of your account at the end of your use. If you are logged in to one level (e.g. K2), and want to play video from other levels, you would need to log out first, before you can log in using a different password for the different level (e.g. N2).