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At Berries, we nurture children in the love for the Chinese language and culture. By employing effective strategies and creative teaching methodologies, we ensure our children consistently achieve good results.

Dear Parents,

As centre-based classes resume, we are enhancing our screening measures to safeguard our students' collective well-being. Berries is aligning with the MOE regulations and the following students are not allowed to attend lessons at our centre:

 ·  If students or individuals (6 years and above) in their household are unwell with flu-like symptoms

·   If students or their household members are required to undergo mandatory testing due to a COVID-19 cluster and have yet to be tested

·   If students are placed on AA, LOA, Stay Home Notice or under a Quarantine Order

If your child belongs to any of the above categories, do alert us so that we can advise on the online alternatives.

Together we can ensure that Berries is a safe and secure learning environment for all. 

School Management Committee
Berries World of Learning School

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