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At Berries, we nurture children in the love for the Chinese language and culture. By employing effective strategies and creative teaching methodologies, we ensure our children consistently achieve good results.

1 April 2020

Owing to the suspension of centre-based learning due to COVID-19, Berries has harnessed Home-Based Learning (HBL) as a viable alternative.

We will like to thank all parents and students for your patience, especially as many grapple with delayed communication and misinformation. Your continued support ensures that disruption to learning will be minimised. Students from all age groups have adapted effectively to the format and more than 95% of them have adjusted to this arrangement.

Nonetheless, it has come to our attention that a vocal few had spread disinformation about Berries on various media platforms. We are deeply saddened by these disparaging comments. Their actions have caused great distress to our employees and parents alike.

The following disinformation has brought disrepute unto Berries and caused confusion amongst our parents:

  • Defamatory remarks alleging untrue intentions and falsely reporting the arrangments for our students.
  • Leveraging upon disinformation to incite a boycott
  • Infringing on our trademark by defacing our logo
  • Breaching our copyright by disseminating our HBL passwords via public platforms

We have sought the necessary counsel on the course of action which can be taken. Accurate information about our arrangements will be announced on our website ( or obtained by contacting your child's outlet.

Given the unprecedented pressure faced by the entire nation, positive and uplifting remarks can go a long way in supporting one another. We urge all to be kind to one another and act responsibly.

Thank you to our many parents and students who offered words of encouragement, and showered our team with care and concern.

Together, we will continue to stand united and overcome the challenges that lie ahead.

By your side,
Berries, 百力果

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