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At Berries, we nurture children in the love for the Chinese language and culture. By employing effective strategies and creative teaching methodologies, we ensure our children consistently achieve good results.

At Berries, we long to instill within our students a love for the Chinese language, whereby learning can be facilitated in an interesting and effective way.


One such parent, Imelda Lim, shared the following, "My daughter Xin Yi has been with Berries since she was in K1. Her love and aptitude for the Chinese language wouldn't be possible without Berries accompanying her through the past 8 years."



"The fun and engaging teaching at Berries ignited the spark within her for the language and it was never a mere academic pursuit." Xin Yi (pictured above, with her mother) went on to attain an A* in her Chinese and Merit in her Higher Chinese for the 2018 PSLE. "I am grateful to Berries for nurturing Xin Yi's passion and allowing her to unleash her potential."


We look forward to more of such stories, where every child excels and continues to cultivate a passion for the Chinese language!


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