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At Berries, we nurture children in the love for the Chinese language and culture. By employing effective strategies and creative teaching methodologies, we ensure our children consistently achieve good results.

After receiving a rapturous response in 2018, Berries is proud to announce the return of Little Woods in 2019!


Following the darkness that descended upon Little Woods, classic fairytale characters experienced extreme changes. The Big Bad Wolf stopped eating meat, the Little Pig turned ferocious, Prince Charming is now cowardly and the Princess is full of herself! Only the Little Red Riding Hood remains unscathed.


What will be the fate of Little Woods? How may the Little Red Riding Hood restore the woods?


Join us for the extravaganza and embark upon an exciting adventure into Little Woods!



13 December (Friday) 4:30pm

14 December (Saturday) 10:30am

14 December (Saturday) 2pm

15 December (Sunday) 10:30am

15 December (Sunday) 2pm



KC Arts Centre - Home of the Singapore Repertory Theatre

20 Merbau Road

Singapore 239035


Get your tickets at


See you there!



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