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28 January 2020


Dear Parents,

Your child’s health and well-being are of utmost importance to us.

With the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in China, and confirmed cases in Singapore, Berries has put in place the following precautionary measures:

 1.    Travel Declaration 

·       Parents are required to complete a travel declaration form by 29 January 2020A NIL return is required.

·       The link has been sent by SMS. If you have not received the SMS, please contact the Berries outlet your child is currently in.

·       If your children have returned from China on 15 January or later, they will be placed on Leave of Absence for 14 days before resuming classes at Berries. Contact your Berries outlet for more information on the issuance of voucher for the lessons missed due to Leave of Absence.

2.    Entry Restrictions For School Premise 

·       Only staff and students will be allowed into the school premise for this period of time.

·       Students will only be allowed to enter the school premises 10 minutes before class commences.

·       Fetch your children from classes on time. 

3.    3.  Personal Health And Responsibility

a         a.     Students 

·       Please seek medical attention immediately for your children if they are not feeling well and keep them away from school until they have fully recovered.

·       Medical Voucher can be claimed from Berries upon submission of the medical certificate, within two weeks from the date of absence.

      b.     Berries Staff 

·       Staff who returned from China on 15 January or later, will be on Leave of Absence for 14 days.

·       Staff’s health is closely monitored to ensure they are well enough to be at work.

·       All staff responsible for health screening will wear a face mask. 

     4.    Environment
    Berries will continue with

·       the disinfection of classrooms

·       the use of air purifiers in school premise

·       health screening for everyone entering the school premise

 5. Parents To Remain Contactable At All Times

·       While classes at Berries will carry on as usual for now, we are closely monitoring the health advisories from the Ministry of Health. Ensure you are contactable at all times.

·       To receive the latest updates from Berries, ensure your contact details, including email addresses, are updated and accurate.                                                                    

Please feel free to contact our School Affairs Executives should you have any queries or require more information.

The contact details can be found at

We thank you for your continued support and trust in Berries and look forward to working together with you to ensure the well-being of our students.


School Management Committee
Berries World of Learning School 

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