About Berries World of Learning School

In 1993, the first Berries World of Learning School was founded with a mission to teach Chinese to children in a way that is as exciting as it is educational. We believe in the power of a Fun-Filled, Multi-Sensory approach. Through our innovative and interactive teaching methods, we blend the worlds of fun and education, crafting an experience we like to call 'Serious Fun'. Over the past few decades, Berries has grown to over 20 outlets across the island. As we move forward, we anticipate continuing our mission to nurture the children of tomorrow.

Our Vision 

启发孩子  温暖世界
Inspiring the child, lighting up the world

At Berries, our vision extends beyond just mastering the Chinese language. We also instill essential life values in children. Through the journey of learning Chinese, we hope to inspire children to become better versions of themselves everyday, to radiate more light and warmth in the world they grow up in today.

Our Mission

打造学习乐园  为孩子插上华文翅膀
Creating a learning paradise where children thrive in the Chinese Language

Berries World of Learning School is dedicated to creating an educational ‘paradise’ that transcends conventional language learning. Our goal is to curate a holistic and fulfilling experience for children by unravelling the mystery and beauty of Chinese language and culture.

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