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“Thank you, Berries!”

I really like Berries! If I didn’t attend Berries, I wouldn’t have passed my Chinese PSLE with flying colours.

Through Berries, I have learnt how to revise for the Chinese subject. I have also discovered the areas that I need to improve on. 

I like the composition series, “阿力爱写作” I find it so useful! Memorising the phrases in this series helped me a lot in my composition writing.

Thank you, Berries teachers, for helping me to improve, so that I can enrol in the school that I like!  


Azlan Chenlong bin Mohammad Noh

From Shy to Confident

Early Struggles

We don’t often speak in Mandarin at home, hence, Azlan’s exposure to Chinese, in general, is very little. When he started school, he was not doing well in this subject. He couldn’t manage and didn’t understand what the teacher said. When the teacher spoke, he listened but didn’t dare to ask questions.

The Right Class Size, A Syllabus Aligned to MOE’s

I am a teacher myself. I talked about Azlan’s grasp of the Chinese language with my colleagues and his kindergarten teacher. They all mentioned Berries for being fun and having a syllabus and learning pace similar to MOE’s. 

So, I decided that Azlan should try Berries. Indeed, he could follow the lessons really well! 

First, the class size was perfect for him. One-to-one classes have never been suitable for Azlan, as he would feel pressurized by the teacher’s attention on only him. Big classes are also not suitable, as he would be overwhelmed by the rest of the students. Berries’ class size was just right for him! It created an environment where he could ask questions without fear. This helped him a lot!

Gaining Confidence

Second, Berries’ materials were very suitable for Azlan. For example, the “阿力爱写作” series gave him a lot of practice in memorising and using good Chinese phrases. 

You see, in the past, Azlan felt especially pressurized when working on a composition, as he was unable to conceptualize a story or use the right words. He found it difficult to even write a few sentences; also, his stories did not have a beginning nor an end!

However, “阿力爱写作” changed all that. Azlan would use “阿力爱写作”’s words and phrases for composition writing and he grew in confidence. Azlan also referred to “阿力爱写作” to express himself in Mandarin. Before this, Azlan was very shy when it came to speaking in Mandarin. Now, he feels a lot better!

For his PSLE, Azlan knew that he could not bring “阿力爱写作” into the examination hall, hence he understood the need to memorise the phrases well. Without a doubt, the resources and methods employed by Berries helped Azlan greatly for his Chinese PSLE.

Every Child Is Unique

I am satisfied with Berries. During the circuit breaker period, Berries also put in a lot of effort to make learning smooth, engaging and practical for kids.

As a teacher, I understand that each child is unique and needs different learning methods and materials to thrive – as I have witnessed, Berries makes this a reality for every kid, including mine. I truly appreciate Berries’ efforts!

Mdm Tan, parent of Azlan Chenlong bin Mohammad Noh (joined from P2)

PSLE Chinese: A

She Became a Masterful Young Writer

Fun and Practical

I saw from an ad that Berries uses fun teaching methods – such as word card games – to engage children. That was what I wanted for my girl: to experience the fun of learning. Thus, I signed Keira-Ann up for Berries when she was in N2.

She certainly enjoyed her lessons! One of her favourites was the “阿力爱写作” composition series (part of the P2–P6 Berries curriculum). This series was very useful for Keira-Ann to learn composition writing. She would also often use "阿力爱写作"’s lovely words and phrases at home, which gave us the opportunity to learn something new together, as a family, all the time.

Results Prove It

Eventually, Keira-Ann was chosen twice to represent her school in a composition writing competition. The first time, she emerged as the first runner-up; the second time, she won the Best Composition Award! 

As Keira-Ann went on to P3, I discovered that the MOE Chinese syllabus became more difficult. But with the "阿力爱写作" series, Keira-Ann continued to learn Chinese well and could tackle the tougher standards and different components of her Chinese exams.

With Berries’ curriculum, help from family members and my daughter’s own efforts, she achieved stellar performance in the 2020 Chinese and Higher Chinese PSLE.

I’m very glad that Keira-Ann has not only felt a sense of achievement but has also increased her confidence in the Chinese language.

Awesome Teachers

What can I say? Berries does a really good job at teaching Chinese to kids! The teachers are attentive to the children and are willing to provide feedback; meanwhile, Berries’ staff are always happy to help!

I have recommended Berries to a couple of friends. If you ask me, I’d recommend Berries to you, too!

Mrs Srinivasan, parent of Keira-Ann Srinivasan (joined from N2)

PSLE Chinese: A*; PSLE Higher Chinese: Distinction

Even during the Pandemic, Berries Delivered

Why Berries

As we rarely speak Mandarin at home, we decided to let our kids try Berries, so that they could get more exposure to the Chinese language. Wei Heng’s elder sister started in K2. Soon after, when Wei Heng was in P3, he also joined Berries.

I am satisfied with Berries’ comprehensive curriculum. The the Berries practice papers were manageable rather than overwhelming, and the explanations from Berries’ teachers were also very in-depth.

The content covered by Berries was up to date with the MOE syllabus. For example, the main oral exam topics were well-covered. Wei Heng also explored how to answer different types of comprehension questions. Berries familiarised Wei Heng with the Chinese PSLE requirements.

Online Classes during COVID-19

During the circuit breaker period in Singapore, Berries switched to online lessons. Initially, I felt that online lessons would be less engaging than physical ones – I thought that Wei Heng would not be able to interact as much with his friends and teachers.

Later, I realised that online lessons have their benefits. First, they are really convenient. The commuting time is essentially removed. 

Second, I could hear what the Berries teacher was sharing in class, and this enabled me to gain a deeper understanding of the subject, so I could help Wei Heng revise his materials. 

In the past, I also wondered why P6 students had to go through three-hour-long lessons. Now, I understand. Through the online lessons, I saw how each three-hour class was paced very well, where lots of content were covered in interesting ways. No minute was wasted.

A Great Experience

Rewards matter to my child. Wei Heng liked to exchange the stars he gained from Berries for gifts, so he would work harder to get more stars. He also enjoyed the “Reading Is Cool” series.

I am so thankful for the attentiveness and hard work of Berries’ teachers and staff. During the pandemic, they delivered, and the learning process for my kid remained as smooth as ever.

Mrs Tang, parent of Tang Wei Heng (joined from P3)

PSLE Chinese: A*; PSLE Higher Chinese: Merit

Teachers that make a difference

Berries first caught my attention with its comprehensive worksheets and their course structure which aligns with the Ministry of Education’s curriculum. Most importantly, the educators at Berries have the passion to teach. Berries ticks all the boxes. 


My eldest child began his Chinese lessons with Berries and I witnessed how his results improved by leaps and bounds. I was not surprised when he scored stellar results in his PSLE. My second son, Evan, also started attending Berries since his preschool days. He garnered similar results for his PSLE. He was thankful that the teachers were always available and quick to help whenever he needed clarification.  He especially enjoyed the small group discussions as it was helpful for completing his assignments.

I am appreciative that Berries has made the lessons enthralling for the students. Although Chinese enrichment centres are aplenty and a few ones are in our neighbourhood, the decision to allow our children to continue at Berries has never wavered through the years.

Mdm Chew, parent of Evan Lee

PSLE Chinese: A*; PSLE Higher Chinese: Distinction

Journeying with Berries for 8 years

I first learnt about Berries at a roadshow in 2011. I was a first-time parent and did not really know about the enrichment schools in Singapore. I then signed up my four-year-old daughter, Fallace for a trial class. When she walked out happily after the trial class, I decided that this is the school for her. Berries then accompanied her through the next 8 years.

I have always believed two things are particularly important for learning, that is to captivate interest of the child and to have a comprehensive curriculum. I think Berries’ primary curriculum is just as good as their pre-school curriculum. The primary school curriculum was very effective in preparing Fallace for her PSLE, especially in composition writing. In fact, the materials are so useful that we kept them from Primary 3 all the way till Primary 6 and Fallace revises them constantly. The unique and interesting design of the materials also helped Fallace memorise the model phrases which are very useful for composition writing. Fallace completed her PSLE with excellent results, including an A* for her Normal Chinese and Merit for Higher Chinese.

Mr Poh, parent of Fallace Poh

PSLE Chinese: A*; PSLE Higher Chinese: Merit

Through the years with Berries

My daughter, Keira, joined Berries in her pre-school days but had to stop the lessons at Primary 2 when our family relocated to South America. During the time abroad, she had minimum exposure to the language. When we came back to Singapore two and a half years later, she joined Primary 5 in a mainstream school. It was not easy as she had to pick up composition writing skills almost from scratch. That was when I decided that she would need some help.

I decided to re-enroll her in Berries as Berries provides a conducive learning environment and I like the teaching style and pace. For the next one and a half years, Keira put in much effort and with the help of her teachers from Berries, she achieved stellar results in the 2019 PSLE by attaining A* for her Chinese paper. Keira really enjoyed her classes and she told me that it was the right decision to put her back in Berries.

Mdm Ang, parent of Keira Natasha Simon

PSLE Chinese: A*



                Ever since she joined Berries,

                         she has been consistently improving


Adapting to Mainstream Education

Hajin joined Berries when she enrolled in mainstream school in Primary 3. My husband and I are Koreans and do not know Chinese. Berries became the only other environment where she can learn and practise Chinese. The content is taught in advance at Berries, which allows Hajin to better understand the lessons when it is taught again in school.

Ever since she joined Berries, she has been consistently improving. Hajin switched to the Higher Chinese class in Berries 9 months later and went on to do very well for her Semestral Assessment 2, attaining first place in her school with a score of 94 for her Chinese paper. She enjoys Berries classes more than before and I really appreciate Berries for its solid class content and the practices they give. Thank you to Berries and her teachers!

Mdm Kim, parent of Hajin Lim

Excel In PSLE

I enrolled with Berries when I was in Primary Six. Within a few months at Berries, my Higher Chinese grade improved drastically from "Ungraded" to "Merit" and I was able to score an A* for Normal Chinese during the 2018 PSLE.


The lesson materials such as the composition handbook and key phrases provided were interesting and helpful. The incorporation of current affairs broadened our perspectives too.


My teacher was encouraging and helpful. The group-learning format fostered an enriching environment, where classmates spurred one another on. Most importantly, Berries has helped me to appreciate the Chinese language and I look forward to developing my interest beyond the academic context.

Gerald Ng, student of Berries (joined in P6)

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