Our Team

To cultivate seedlings, gardeners need knowledge and skills. Similarly, our educators are continually enhancing their expertise through professional training, akin to gardeners constantly tending to their craft. By nurturing our teachers, we foster a culture of motivation, care, and dedication, which ultimately impacts our students, instilling in them essential life values and aspirations drawn from their mentors.


Our MOE-accredited teachers undergo rigorous training and preparation to impart knowledge unto the students. Their passion extends beyond the academic domain, as Berries is keen to accompany our students through their growing-up years and positively contribute to moulding their character as well.

School Affairs Team

Our professionally-trained administrative assistants are always ready to provide service with a smile. Should students or parents alike have any queries regarding Berries, you’re always welcomed to drop by or give us a call.


Curriculum Team

Our curriculum team is dedicated to developing lesson materials for all our students. They pour their heart and soul into crafting and designing every lesson such that students will reap a bountiful harvest. Each week’s lesson is uniquely conceptualized and tailored according to MOE requirements too.

Have what it takes? Join the Berries team!

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